Article: Intercultural communication and Japan

What is intercultural communication?
Let’s just start off with a simple definition:

Intercultural communication is a tool that allows one to have a better understanding of the situation and a solid foundation for making crucial decisions. It focuses on contextual translation rather than direct translation.

Does my business need intercultural communication?
Many businesses are able to find a Japanese partner or start selling their products or services to the Japanese market without any prior experience. However, if you are serious about doing business with Japan, you should start off with asking yourself these three questions:

– Is the Japanese market a long-term investment and commitment?
– Does the business need to see fast results?
– Does the business have the necessary skill in-house to succeed?

If your answer is: yes, yes and no – the next step is to find an experienced consultant to complement your skills.

Intercultural management makes a difference. You will experience an optimized decision making process and increased number of tasks executed by your Japanese partners. It ensures a better understanding of the market and equips you with the skill to evaluate the reactions from the market. Allowing  you to focus on creating value and taking advantage of emerging opportunities – rather than putting out fires, avoiding pitfalls and taking detours on a everyday basis.

Where should you begin?
At Ayanomimi, we plan a clear process and a plan of actions that will help you move forward. Do not just scratch on the surface of opportunities, but dig deeper into the opportunities Japan presents.

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