Our vision is to become the leading company within Danish-Japanese business development - with a special focus on design, culture, and innovation.

We create value by facilitating intercultural processes that require knowledge about Japanese and Danish language, culture, values, and habits.

From our base in Copenhagen we provide linguistic and cultural assistance to businesses with activities in Japan. Let us become your cultural ally. We create new possibilities to enter the market.

Why Denmark and Japan?


We are driven by the Danish-Japanese mindset.

Both nations have a long history within craftsmanship and creativity, and ayanomimi is founded on a deep understanding of the Danish and the Japanese culture. The Danish-Japanese mindset appreciates both tangible and intangible things in life. It is a mindset that shows respect to originality and functionality. We choose to be human-centered and sustainable in the solutions that we provide.


For us 'intercultural management' is more than the ability to bridge two cultures. We put light on the business potential that emerges when cultures meet, and clash. As a business ally we develop strategies based on cultural differences and similarities. We communicate on behalf of Danish and Japanese companies, and facilitate the collaboration process in order to create a common understanding. Our insight in Danish and Japanese culture is the essence in everything we do.


ayanomimi hub

The 'ayanomimi hub' consists of business developers with special insights about Denmark and Japan. The team is an organic entity that works project-based from Copenhagen and Tokyo. Together we develop future platforms for Danish-Japanese collaborations.

ayanomimi design agency

We work with leading Danish and Japanese designers.