Special guest lecture at ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS

ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS in Tokyo is celebrating their 55th anniversary. ayanomimi has been invited to give a special guest lecture as a part of the anniversary program. The lecture will focus on the future of co-creation and intercultural project management in practice. How can we navigate and facilitate in an intercultural context? The lecture will provide you concrete examples on how you can train yourself to become better in spotting a business potential that emerges from cultural differences and similarities.

Special guest lecture at ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS (TOKYO)
“Bridging Danish and Japanese creative industry”
Date: Dec.6. 2018
Time: 10:00-11:30.
Open for public (200 seats).
The lecture is about “Business and project facilitation between Danish and Japanese creatives and the future of co-creation”. (The presentation will be held in Japanese)

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